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Natural - Bule Hora Ethiopia - 454g

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Region: West Guji

Farm: Bule Hora

Owner: Biniyam Aklilu

Varietals: 74110, 74112, Unknown Local varieties

Altitude: 1980 MASL

Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, fig jam, dates, strawberry yogurt, complex. 

Process: Natural

Drying Time: 13-16 Days

Drying Method: African Raised Beds

Natural refers to the processing method used for this coffee. Cherries are dried with the fruit still attached. This is how coffee was first processed and is typically done in regions of the world where water is scarce. The drying of the coffee this way allows the fruit qualities to soak into the seed. This provides a heavy body, winey cup that is in a league of its own. 

In keeping with the Natural process the labeling on the bag is eschewed in favour a simple stamp. This keeps the look clean and original, just like the coffee inside.